Current Students

Ashley Pritchard

Ashley Prichard, MA, Graduate Student


Ashley joined the lab in July, 2015. She earned her Master's degree at University of North Carolina Wilmington in 2014 in psychology and her B.S in psychology from Christopher Newport University. She has worked with rats and odor stimuli on pharmacological and equivalence studies. She plans to continue with olfactory research in future canine fMRI studies. She is currently studying cross modal concept formation in canines.

raveena chhibber

Raveena Chhibber, Undergraduate Student

Raveena joined the lab in January 2017. She works as an undergraduate research assistant on fMRI analyses, Multi-Voxel Pattern Analysis (MVPA) and assists with fMRI scans for the Dog Project.  She is currently studying Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology (NBB) and minoring in Anthropology.

Kate Athanassiades

Kate Athanassiades, Undergraduate Student

Kate joined the lab in January 2017. She is an undergraduate research assistant helping with fMRI analysis, fMRI scans, and coyote diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) for the Dog Project. She is currently taking the pre-requisites for nursing school and hopes to start nursing school in fall 2018.